Asphalt Sealing in Washington's West Sound Area


How We Operate

The first step in any sealing job is an honest assessment of your asphalt pavement. Our estimator will inspect the condition of your asphalt and recommend a plan for your property specifically. If we know you can benefit from asphalt sealing, we will happily provide you with a written estimate. If it appears that your asphalt is past sealing, we will recommend some other options that will best suit your asphalt. When we assess that repaving would be a better option for you, we do not try to sell you on sealing. We are in the business of asphalt maintenance, by keeping good asphalt in good condition. Although we do not pave, we would rather pass on a job to someone else when it means the customer is getting the best option.
Asphalt repair - Asphalt Sealing in Bremerton, WA

Our Preparation

In order for each job to be superior, it begins with a superior starting surface. Also, when an asphalt sealer is applied to a clean surface the adhesion stays on longer for a better, longer lasting job. We pressure wash your asphalt surface first to remove moss and embedded dirt. More often than not, the pressure washing takes longer than the sealing job itself. We take the time so that you know you are receiving the best work, many contractors act "more efficiently" with their time and skip pressure washing. When this happens, customers do not notice they have paid for an inferior job until the seal begins to flake off.
Man cleaning the road — Asphalt Sealing in Bremerton, WA


At Superior Asphalt Servicing, no one job is the same. There are many different options and combination of methods that we offer to our customers. After our technician has assessed your pavement, we will decide on the best method that provides you with the best results rather than the maximum profit.